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Weapons of Coke
Nothing Beats the ORIGINAL!!!!! Pepsi is nothing more than a pathetic ...
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Weapons of Pepsi
It gives you kinda energy.You feel energetic and happy when you drink ...
Pepsi Is the new generation of Coke and we will dominate!
Weakness of Pepsi
to sweet to becalled a soda, might as well just call it some kind of a...
worse than gutter water..FAKE DRINK!!!
Weakness of Coke
Coke is supposed to have non-hygienic elements as ingredients which ca...
Coke is outdated and old fashioned. No one in the youth even knows abo...
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Diet Coke + Mentos
Diet Coke + Mentos
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Funny Pepsi Football Socc...
Funny Pepsi Football Socc...
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Cellberuz wrote at 02:49 am
foram77 wrote at 03:17 am
Welcome to Coke team guys...lets rock
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rivaloftheworld wrote at 11:41 am
Just Pepsi.
abhishek wrote at 03:40 am
i think pepsi is for young people
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laxman wrote at 05:34 am
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Coke vs Pepsi Rivalry Resources !!

A great informative presentation of Pepsi vs Coke

Case study of Coke vs Pepsi Rivalry

Complete history of Pepsi

The long-standing rivalry between Coke and Pepsi took a physical turn Friday when a Pepsi deliveryman allegedly punched his Coke counterpart in the face at a western Pennsylvania Wal-Mart, state police said.

As happened with Dell and Apple (see Jan 16 post), the old Coke vs. Pepsi rivalry took a new turn last December when PepsiCo’s market capitalization surpassed Coca-Cola’s. According to Katrina Brooker, a senior writer at Fortune: "Losing the cola wars, it turns out, was the best thing that ever happened to Pepsi. It prompted Pepsi's leaders to look outside the confines of their battle with Coke."